32U MS2 cabinet



ULTRAWAVE 32U 60×80 FS 2 Fans 4 Way PDU 1 Shelf

Tempered glass front door, bright blue decorative strip, single-open sheet metal back door

> High-strength tempered glass front door 

> The back door can be matched with single/double-opening sheet metal/flat hexagonal mesh door

> Equipped with DATE UP safety lock

> The square hole strip adopts high-precision and wear-resistant laser coding technology

> The fan unit is assembled from the top module for easy maintenance 

> Various wiring channels are reserved, and the frame is specially designed with wiring holes, which is concealed and beautiful

> Degreasing, silane, pure water cleaning, electrostatic spraying, in line with EU ROHS environmental protection standards

275.00 JOD

Raw materials High-quality cold-rolled steel sheet
Cabinet structure Assembled cabinet frame
Front door 5mm transparent tempered glass door
back door Sheet metal door/flat hexagonal mesh door
Cabinet side panel Removable side panels
Specification thickness (mm) Square hole strip 2.0, installation beam 1.5, the rest 1.2
Static maximum load (KG) 1000
Treatment process Degreasing, silane, electrostatic spray
Maximum opening angle >180°
Protection level IP20
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