Perimeter Sensor Beam 100 Meter



1. Quad Beam detection, four synchronized pulsed infrared beam ensure ultimate stability in many applications, False alarms due to falling leaves and small animals are virtually eliminated
2.  Easy optical alignment with LED indication 10-Level LED indicator we can check beam strength easily, highly accurate alignment, no need to use a voltmeter, no need for using beam blocking plate
3. selectable 8- channel beam frequencies. Selectable beam frequencies for beam stacking and long-distance applications without crosstalk
4. Up to 8-sets for multiple installations
5. adjustable beam interruption period (50-700msec)
6. Lighting & surge protection, Automatic gain control circuit.
7. Form C relay providing more applications
8. Anti-Forest design
9, Target color, structure colors, is tuned to peak wavelengths of human vision to be easily targeted in the beam alignment process

52.20 JOD

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